Tuesday, 31 January 2012

[Tutorial] How to make a fondant teddy bear

Finally! This is my second tutorial posting.
"How to make a fondant teddy bear"

The teddy bear is from my Valentine Day Cupcakes.

I love using teddy bear on my cupcakes & cakes. 
They are adorable to look at. Especially, when it's small.. 
This is my way to make a teddy bear.
I tried my best to take pictures of every single step to make it easier for you.

You will need:
White fondant( your choice )
Black fondant( your choice)
Quilting tool
Small round ball tool
Brush & water or Edible glue
1 spaghetti stick

Making a body
I use spaghetti to support body & head. 
Press sides of top & bottom to attach legs and arms for next steps.

 There is another way to make legs & arms.
You can roll the ball out (not dividing) long, cut it in the middle diagonally.
This way you can make two legs or arms at the same time.

Making Legs

Shaping a foot

 Brush edges of legs with water or edible glue and attach to the body.

Making arms 

Attaching a head

Shaping an ears
 Press the middle of the ear with a small round ball tool.
Trust me, this makes a big difference!

You can also put a tiny round fondant dot( colours of your choice )
 in the middle of the ear.

* I also attached a small round ball on his mouth spot.

A red heart for Valentine's day

Make eyes & a mouth with a black fondant

Send my love to MyCupKates' visitors & fans.xx

I hope this tutorial helps you make a sweet teddy bear..
Good luck.

Valentine's day cupcakes

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